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BRICKLIVE is a multi-day event filled with hands-on and interactive fun with LEGO! Perfect for fans of all ages, BRICKLIVE is heaven for those who love the world’s most popular toy!

Where can I find BRICKLIVE events for 2017?

Birmingham NEC – Oct 26-29 2017

How is the show structured? Can I leave early? Will I be able to come back into the event if I leave?

Visitors may arrive and leave anytime within the show hours, as shown on your ticket. You will be given a stamp that allows you to entry throughout the day.

Will I still have to queue to enter the show even though I've purchased my tickets online in advance?

If you’ve purchased advance tickets to BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR), you’ll skip the Box Office queue and head to the entrance queue! If you and your family arrive before the start of the day you will need to wait until the doors open, so you might prefer to arrive after the doors have opened – remember, you can stay all day!
We strongly encourage purchasing BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR), tickets in advance! We cannot guarantee ticket availability the day of the event.

Can I bring a pushchair to BRICKLIVE?

Yes pushchairs are allowed at the event

Can I bring a camera or video camera to the event?

Yes! We encourage families to bring cameras to capture their experiences throughout the day as you create with hundreds of fantastic LEGO creations!
Please note: There will be official press and media photographers at BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR). If you do not wish to be photographed, please contact the organisers.

Will there be places to eat inside the event?

We have tea/coffee concessions and refreshment vendors within the show

How accessible is the event for those with special needs?

BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR) offers an assortment of interactive activities that reach all learning styles and levels of interest. For those who need it, there is disabled parking close to the entrance of the venue and the show is all on one level making it easy for wheelchair access. Please consult the venue website for more details. Seating areas are located throughout the event space for your convenience. All visitors, including those in wheelchairs and those with special needs, will find BRICKLIVE to be a fun, enriching and educational experience. Guide dogs for the blind and service dogs for people with disabilities are welcome.

May my child attend the event without an adult?

For everyone’s safety, children and youths under the age of 16 must be supervised by an accompanying adult (aged 18 and over) at all times during their visit.

What happens if I get separated from the rest of my party during the event?

If at any time you are separated from the rest of your party, you should report to the Info & Meeting Point located at the centre of the show.

Can my child bring LEGO creations he/she created at home to BRICKLIVE?

No, they cannot bring their own creations to the show. There are over 1 million LEGO bricks at the event to build with.

Can my child bring his/her creation(s) built at BRICKLIVE home with us?

No, the creations made at BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR) need to be left at the event. At the end of each day, the bricks are taken apart so that they can be re-used for the next day’s visitors. Bags may be checked if any suspicious activity is reported.

Can I use my LEGO VIP card in the shop at the show?

No, we do not accept LEGO VIP cards.

Is there a cloakroom facility?

Yes there will be one at the venue

I need to collect my tickets, where do I do this?

Please head to the ticket box office on site.

What time is the last entrance?

You may enter the event during the show hours noted on your ticket. The last entrance will be 4.30 tickets will not be discounted for late arrivals.

My child is on the Autism Spectrum. What can you tell us about the queues and crowds at your event?

BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR) is popular with all fans of LEGO and we are expecting a lot of visitors. We have a dedicated entrance for visitors with disabilities or on the Autism Spectrum.
Within the event, there will be a range of activities happening throughout the day. Some of these will involve queuing to take part in, but there will also be lots of areas dedicated to having big piles of LEGO bricks that people can just jump into and play with, with no arranged queues. Additionally there will be lots of exhibition areas where models are on display which won’t have any queues, but that can get crowded as everyone wants to see the amazing things the Adult Fans of LEGO have created from their own imaginations.
Ultimately, we know that every child with autism is different and we encourage you to consider what will work best for your family.

I want to have a BRICK lane Stand, who should I contact?

Please email and we will send you details.

How do I apply to exhibit my LEGO creation in the Fan Zone?

Please email for more information.

How do I sign up to volunteer at BRICKLIVE (EURO TOUR)?

Please email for more information.

Will tickets sell out and why is it better to book in advance?

We cannot guarantee tickets will be available on the door previous years the event has sold out! Go to our buy tickets page to buy your tickets today!

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